Monday, September 21, 2009

Life Can Change in a Heartbeat

Last week was pretty hectic for me. Classes were in full swing at U of M, and I was already knee deep with homework. School is not easy, and I know I'm not the only one who stresses out from all the madness that goes on. But something happened that I would have never expected...

A friend of mine, how I have known since 6th grade, suffered from a major heart attack last week. She was taken to the U of M hospital late in the night and wasn't attended to for a few hours in which she suffered numerous heart attacks. When she was finally attended to, the doctors realized the extremity of her condition. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and will be in the hospital for several months. Right now she is the top candidate for a heart transplant and will receive one within 6 weeks.

This was nothing less than shocking, not only for myself, but for all people who know her...especially those who went to school with her. She appeared healthy and happy, but then again anyone can until something unpredictable happens. Her good friends organized a prayer service for her in the middle of Michigan's campus, where over 100 people showed up to pray and share their love. Also, bracelets are being made in her honor and the donations will be given to her parents to help pay for the hospital bills.

The strength of this girl is inexpressable. It just shows how one can preval over incredible odds. When I was first informed of her condition, I was worried she would have a slim chance of surviving...but from her own strive for life and love from those around her, she is coming out of this with a brand new heart. Although this situation was a terrible scare, it brought many people together...those who hadn't talked or seen each other in years would hug one another, and share their tears. This has opened up my eyes wide...that life can throw obstacles your way, which can either result in good or bad but you should always learn and grow...otherwise it might be over before you know it. I'm trying to be a better person each day, friendly and kind to others, upholding some morals. It's a struggle though...not gonna lie. But knowing that someone who has suffered ten times more than I have at my age, makes me want to apprechiate everything and everyone in my life.

Life really can change in a heartbeat...


So, I'm new to this whole blogging craze. Actually, I used to have one in middle school that I used frequently. But considering how much I have changed as a person and matured since then, I might be a little more interesting to read least that's what I figured.

I've never really been fond of the whole blogging shenanigans, but it's nice to write down your thoughts and feelings...especially since I'm not too fond of sharing them with others. The majority of my friends know me as the goofy, quirky girl, which I don't mind...I like bringing smiles to my friends and strangers faces; it brightens my day. But everyone has a serious side, my good friends know I'm a good listener, and can often give some decent advice(not to toot my own horn). Each person has their own life experiences and maybe the lessons I have learned from mine might even help you(yes you!) with something going on in your life. Who knows, only you will find out if you read my blog :)

Anyways, it's reading time for me...I am in school for a reason...

Catch ya on the flip-side.